Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act deals with official information held by public authorities in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and to those which are UK-wide. Official information refers to recorded information such as emails, meeting minutes, research or reports. Under the Act, the term public authority includes:

  • Central government and government departments
  • Local authorities
  • Hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dentists, pharmacists and opticians
  • State schools, colleges, universities, police forces and prison services.

What happens when a request is made?

We will acknowledge your request within five (5) working days. We will check to see what information we hold that relates to your request. If we do not have any information we will let you know as soon as possible. If we do have the information you request, you will be provided with the information within twenty (20) working days. We will try and provide you with the information in the format you required.

To make sure your request is valid and to prevent any delay in processing your request you must provide a full name and an address.  This can be a company email address.

Is there a charge for this information?

If it will take considerable time to gather and provide the information, then a moderate fee maybe charged. We will let you know as soon as possible.

If a fee is payable, we will wait for your payment before sending you the information. Charges will always be in line with Government Regulations.

The Freedom of Information Act gives members of the public the right to request official information held by the Trust, unless there are good reasons to keep it confidential. It aims to make public sector bodies including the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust more open and accountable. It also helps people to understand better how public authorities carry out their duties, why they make the decisions they do and how they spend public money.

Is there any information that will not be provided?

We will make every effort to provide you with a copy of the information you requested. We may have to ask you a few questions to make sure that we provide you with what you want. There may be some documentation or certain parts of documents which we are not able to make available. Some examples are:

  • Someone else’s confidential information
  • Company trade secrets
  • Information given in confidence

Does this mean someone else can see my personal information?

The Freedom of Information Act does not change your right to confidentiality. Your personal information is still protected by the Data Protection Act 2018 and will not be shared with anyone who is not entitled to it.

North Mid publication scheme

Welcome to the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust publication scheme. The scheme is a guide to the information routinely published by this hospital. 

There are seven parts. Click on the section you would like to access:

What is a publication scheme?

This publication scheme is a complete guide to the information routinely published by North Middlesex Hospital University NHS Trust.  We will review and monitor the scheme at regular intervals.  

We want the scheme to meet your needs.  It’s designed to help you to easily find all the information that we publish and it provides you with signposts to help. Under Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the trust has a legal duty to adopt and maintain a publication scheme. The purpose is to promote openness by public bodies (of which the trust is one).


Any questions, comments or complaints about this scheme please contact email:

Who we are and what we do

The NHS is a very large part of the public sector.  A full list of organisations can be found on the internet at

  • Organisational structure
  • Location: Chief executive’s organisational structure depicting board members available on the website
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What we spend and how we spend it

  • Staff pay and grading structures
  • Location: directors’ salaries are available in the annual report and quality accounts on our website
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  • Funding
  • Location: available in annual reports and accounts on our website
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  • Details of contracts currently being tendered
  • Location: for the most up to date information on tenders requiring
  • OJEU adverts Tenders European Daily (TED) available on request by visiting website
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  • List and value of contracts awarded and their value
  • Location: For high value tenders Tenders European Daily (TED)  available on request by visiting website
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What are our priorities and how well are we doing?

  • Audit reports
  • Location: available in annual reports and accounts on our website
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  • Equality reports
    Quality information on its staff and service users.
  • Location: available on our website
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  • PID Research Report
    Performance, initiating and delivering clinical research (PID)
    Location: available on our website
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How we make decisions

Lists and registers

Location: information from these lists is available on request by email to

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The services we offer

Our employment policies and procedures

Communication with the media and media releases

Internal and external communications strategy

News releases – for media

Compliments – trust / individuals

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