Our vision and values

At North Middlesex University Hospital, our vision is to provide outstanding care for local people.

We are enthusiastic about being the local hospital of choice and this rubs off on our patients. The way we do things is also important and demonstrating the values and behaviours chosen, we can make North Middlesex University Hospital an even better place to receive care.

We are caring

We are caring What it means

  • We are compassionate and take time out to check on colleagues and patients
  • We are understanding and recognise each other as individuals
  • We are committed to improving our community for colleagues, patients and care

Our behaviours

  • Showing empathy
  • Being curious
  • Showing humility
  • Listening to others

We are fair

What it means We are fair

  • We respect and understand each other’s differences and backgrounds
  • We are consistent with providing realistic, clear expectations and constructive feedback
  • We are always looking for opportunities to develop all our staff and our services

Our behaviours

  • · Being consistent
  • · Listening to others
  • · Supporting each other

We are open

What it means We are open

  • We embrace change and continuously challenge ourselves and colleagues to create meaningful improvement
  • We ask for help when we need it; we offer help when we see a colleague struggling and we are always open to challenge
  • We actively look for new ways of working and explore new partnerships across teams, divisions and organisations

Our behaviours

  • Speaking up
  • Being curious
  • Learning from mistakes