Leaving hospital

Our aim at North Mid is to get you ready for your discharge destination once our team have made the decision that you no longer need medical treatment. We aim to move you from their ward to the discharge lounge where possible and safe to do so before 10am.

This means that from admission our staff will be talking to you about your discharge destination and set up at home. E.g what equipment you have, who you live with, how much you can do for yourself.

They will then work to ensure that you have the support needed on discharge to get you back to be able to doing the activities you did before coming into hospital.

Our discharge team

We have a dedicated discharge team who helps facilitate your discharge from North Mid. The team consists of senior discharge facilitators and ward liaison officers.

The team aim to support all current patients in our wards with complex healthcare and nursing needs in relation to being discharged from hospital. This could be returning home, being placed in a nursing home or transfer to another health care setting.

They will: 

  • Work alongside your clinical teams to help them decide the most appropriate setting for your future care, taking into account your preferred place of care.
  • Be able to help provide equipment to your homes, such as a hospital bed, pressure mattress and commodes. This is based on your clinical need.
  • Liaise with community district nurses, social workers and other health and care professional about your care and discharge.

Home from hospital services

Home from Hospital services (Haringey residents)

The Home from Hospital service provides practical and emotional support to patients aged 18 years old and over to return home safely from hospital on discharge. The team accompany the patient home and provide up to three home visits for up to four weeks after discharge.

Email the team

Telephone 020 8442 7651​

The service is open from Monday to Sunday 10am-5pm

Home from Hospital services (Enfield residents)

This service provides practical support to patients aged 18 years old and over to return home safely from hospital on discharge.

Email the team 

Telephone: 07548 227 114

Mon – Fri 10.00 – 19.00 Sat – Sun 12.00 – 22.00

Meet our discharge team

Senior discharge nurse/facilitator

  • Cathy O’Reilly
  • Deborah Batson
  • Tracey Norris

Ward liaison officers

  • Banks Owojori
  • Bibi Dosemohamed
  • Nana Asare
  • Kiri Aularooran
  • Layla Empson
  • Luke Alexandeer de Senneville
  • Aisha Hossain
  • Kirsty Eshmade

Admin support

  • Marcia Cohall-Hitchman