North Mid Charity

North Mid Charity raises funds to support and enhance life at North Mid. 

Since relaunching in 2020 the charity has funded a wide range of projects at the trust, many focusing on providing vital support for our staff and patients during the covid pandemic. Charitable projects have included: 

  • Relaunching our allotment and outdoor rest space
  • Funding our well being programme, including a psychologist post and well being resources focused on covid recovery 
  • Development of our well being garden space 
  • TVs for care of the elderly wards 
  • Activity packs for patients 
  • Refurbishment of staff rooms
  • Funding our covid memorial tree 
  • Delivering our 'staff thank you' initiative 

Fundraising is a vital part of our work, enabling the charity to reach patients and staff across the trust and work within our local communities.  We raise funds through donations, fundraising, sponsorship and grants.

Give a Gift 

Our supporters are incredibly important to us and all donations help us to widen our reach and impact. Your gift, no matter what size, really does make a difference. 

To give a gift visit our Justgiving page 

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Donate or fundraise for North Mid Charity

Support from our patients and community is vital in raising funds, if you would like fundraise for us or have an idea we can support please do get in touch. 

Plan an event 

Plan a fundraising event with your families or friends.

You can set up a North Mid Charity just giving page here

Donate online 

We have a dedicated online giving page this can be accessed here Justgiving page 

Goods and food 

To donate items to the charity please do get in touch directly, we are unable to accept perishable food items.

Donate via Amazon Smile

You can donate when you're shopping on Amazon, all you need to do is log into Amazon Smile and choose "North Middlesex Hospital General Charitable Fund"

Openness and transparency

North Mid Charity raises funds to benefit our staff, patients and local community in North London, the charities aim is to enhance the experience of our patients and provide support across the hospital to all our staff. 

We seek to fund projects, ideas and opportunities brought to us by staff, patients and the local community. As an NHS charity we fund items, projects and ideas that our NHS budget can't cover. 

North Mid Charity recognises the necessity for transparency, openness and integrity to be maintained and extended throughout this time, and in order to ensure our continued compliance with the Bribery Act 2010, all donations are being appropriately documented in a register which will be a matter of public record. Donations are, and will continue to be, handled openly and unconditionally as a gesture of esteem and goodwill only, in keeping with the spirit of both our generous benefactors and of the relevant laws and regulations. 

North Mid Charity gift acceptance guidance

These guidelines outline the principles under which the North Mid Charity will raise funds for the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, and the circumstances in which a donation would be refused or returned.

Key principles

  1. The North Mid Charity adheres to best practice across all of its fundraising activities. It is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and abides by the Fundraising Code of Practice.
  2. All fundraising activity and communication with supporters will be conducted according to the best practice outlined in these Codes of Practice, and in accordance with Trust values of being caring, fair and open.
  3. The Charity will not solicit or accept donations of funds that they judge to be illegally or unethically obtained.
  4. The Charity will carefully consider whether, by accepting a gift, the organisation would face a level of reputational risk.
  5. Acceptance of gifts should be aligned with the Trust procurement policy.
  6. The fundraising partners will not fundraise from individuals who are considered unable to make independent financial decisions. For further detail, please refer to our Fundraising & Vulnerable Circumstances guidance.

Refusing and returning donations

In accordance with Charity Commission advice, keeping or returning donations is the decision of a Charity’s Trustees. The Charitable Funds Committee acts as corporate Trustee for North Mid Charity, and final decisions on whether to return a donation will therefore be made by the Committee.

Any such donations will firstly be considered at a meeting of the Charity Steering Group. The Steering Group will make a final recommendation to the Charitable Funds Committee based on the information and evidence it holds in relation to the donation.

Depending on the terms of a donation and how the funds were raised, there may be restrictions on whether a donation can be returned, and the Charity Commission may need to authorise such returns. The Charity will seek advice from the Commission where required, and on a case by case basis.

When a donation will be refused or returned:

  1. Where an error has been made by the donor such as, but not limited to:
    1. If a donor has double clicked on the online payment page and the donation had been processed twice.
    2. The wrong donation amount was processed (i.e. and)
    3. If there is a technical error on our online payment forms that caused donations to be taken in error
    4. If the donor actually meant their donation to go to somewhere else
    5. Errors made with donations under a Direct Debit Guarantee
  2. If the Charity has reasonable belief that the funds were raised illegally or unethically.
  3. Acceptance of gifts must align with North Mid values and ethics. Under this guiding principle, gifts from tobacco companies will not be accepted.
  4. A truly anonymous donation, in which the fundraising partners only deal with an intermediary who is not willing to identify the donor, will not be accepted.
  5. If the agreement with the donor can no longer be fulfilled (i.e. the project they have funded ceases to exist, or the funds are no longer required). In such cases, the Charity would work closely with the donor to see if their funds could be re-purposed for another benefit before returning the donation.