North Mid Charity

North Mid Charity raises funds to support and enhance life at North Mid. 

The charity has funded a wide range of projects at the trust, many focusing on providing vital support for our staff and patients during the covid pandemic. Charitable projects have included: 

  • Relaunching our allotment and outdoor rest space
  • Funding our well being programme, including a psychologist post and well being resources focused on covid recovery 
  • Development of our well being garden space 
  • TVs for care of the elderly wards 
  • Activity packs for patients 
  • Refurbishment of staff rooms
  • Funding our covid memorial tree 
  • Delivering our 'staff thank you' initiative

Our supporters are incredibly important to us and all donations help us to widen our reach and impact. Your donation, no matter what size, really does make a difference.

  • £10 Could pay for personal care packs for those admitted through A&E
  • £20 Could provide a massage therapy session for cancer patients
  • £50 Could help provide emotional support for a nurse after a gruelling shift

Upcoming Events

NHS Big Tea - Tuesday 5 July 2022

big tea and Charity logo composite 

On Tuesday 5 July 2022, we are celebrating the NHS' 74th brithday with the NHS Big Tea - an annual campaign which raises awareness about the many people who work across our national health services.

The North Mid Charity team will be speaking with staff, patients and visitors on the day to share information about their role and how it supports patients and staff at across North Mid.


Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 9 October 2022

Royal Parks Half Marathon Sunday 9 October

The North Mid Charity has secured eight places for Team North Mid at The Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 9 October 2022.

Fundraising support and training help will be provided and in return, you will help us reach our target of £4,000.

Contact us to secure your place today.

Fundraise with us

There are many ways in which staff, patients and our local community can raise funds. If you would like fundraise for us or want support in raising funds get in touch with us.

Want to get started? Click below to set up your fundraising page for the North Mid Charity and start fundraising today!

                            Fundraise for North Mid Charity

Here you will find a list of events which we will be participating in but in the meantime why not try out an idea from the list below:

Walking free

Plan a walk that friends and family of all ages can enjoy along a local route or in a park and get sponsored in the process. Just create a JustGiving page and ask people for donations.

Running challenges

Want to get out and increase your step count? Why not consider your very own personal running challenge. Put your best foot forward by setting your target distance, your target time (or timeframe) and hit the streets, fields or treadmill for your fundraising activity- whilst getting fit! Just create a JustGiving page and ask people for donations.


If you are an avid swimmer or want the opportunity to take up a new activity why not try a swimathon. Set your target, set your timeframe and dive straight in to fundraising for North Mid Charity. Just create a JustGiving page and ask people for donations.

Bake sale

Put your culinary skills to the test with your very own bakesale! This is a great way for you to have fun with workmates, friends and family and can be hosted where and when you want. Create a JustGiving page and ask people for donations.

Virtual pub quiz

Use Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to hold a virtual pub quiz. Set up a JustGiving page and ask your guests to make a donation to take part.

Virtual murder mystery

This can be a great idea to have fun with your workmates, friends and family. You can host it on a livestream platform or on Zoom. Start the game by explaining how it works and the rules around it. Create a JustGiving page and ask people for donations. If the event is opened to anyone you can ask people to help you promote your event.

How North Mid Charity has helped so far

Easter EggstravaganzaYoung patient receiving Easter Egg

Ahead of the Easter weekend, the North Mid Charity received surprise deliveries of chocolate eggs from logistics firm GIST Ltd and Nuffield Health Enfield fitness centres to gift to patients using our paediatric services.

In total, 200 eggs were distributed across the department to bring some Easter joy to those who visited us.

The North Mid Charity is looking forward to working with our neighbours at GIST Ltd and Nuffield Health Enfield in the future.


Staff Thank You Campaign - From Tony's, to us, to you

Making our hospital more dementia friendly Dementia friendly

Caroline, our dementia lead nurse, pitched for funding to improve the experience for patients living with dementia and has been putting the funding to good use.

“So far we’ve installed dementia friendly clocks and bought trolleys packed full of activities and games for a number of our wards so that patients can enjoy them. It’s great to see patients making full use of them.

“This is just the start! There’s so much more I want to do so watch this space.” 


The Dragon’s funded a joint project, called Open2All, with HealthWatch Enfield that saw volunteers with lived experience of disabilities to coach/support reception staff to communicate effectively with disabled patients and visitors.

“Feedback from staff was exceptionally positive with many having ‘light bulb’ moments when being presented with situations from a totally new perspective,” says Fazilla Amide, Community Engagement Manager at Healthwatch Enfield. Fazilla has been working closely with local people and staff at North Mid since March 2018 to develop the sessions. “The staff have been so receptive, there is a genuine desire to get this right for the disabled community.” 

“Gym equipment to match the quality of our service”  Physio

Sonny Driver and the physiotherapy team were successful in their pitch for funding for a new gym equipment.

“The focus of our pitch was simple – the equipment would benefit the 150 or so patients we see each week because we’d be able to better track their rehabilitation progress.”

“It was a great day when the new equipment arrived in the gym. The team and I felt really proud that the quality of the equipment could finally match the quality of our care.”

Melanie, a patient from Tottenham, has seen a noticeable difference in her recovery since the introduction of the new equipment. She said “The equipment is much more user friendly and I feel a lot more comfortable using it. I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive to use it at first but Sonny reminded me of the benefits and he was right – I could feel the difference straight away. I can target more areas than I was able to before which should help me recover sooner.”

Revistalising our chapel and multi-faith room   Chapel

Reverend Geoff Morgan, was successful in getting funding to improve the environment in our chapel and multi-faith room. Work was completed earlier this year and we caught up with Geoff to find out why he wanted do the refurbishment work.

“To be honest, the chapel and multi-faith room was looking a bit tired and had holes in some areas so could do with a bit of TLC.

“There are a number of people who use these spaces daily, from patients and relatives, to staff and visitors. We also host the choir practice every Monday at 1pm and I wanted to make our environment better for everyone that comes and I’m really pleased with how it’s looking.” 

Our new piano has arrived!

We’re always looking for ways to improve the ambience in our atrium so you, visitors and patients feel welcome when you come to the hospital. To help with this, we’ve put a piano in the atrium for you and others to play.

Earlier this year we held a dragon’s den style event where staff pitched for funding for projects to improve patient care. Tony and the estates team were successful in their bid to improve the welcoming experience in our atrium.  

Forty more kids’ kit backpacks ready to go! Kids kits

A&E paediatric consultant lead, Dr Gayle Hann, produced 40 new “Kid’s Kit” bags for children who need to go into emergency foster care.

Gayle received £2,310 to fund the special bags which contain all the essentials a child might need for a first night in foster care, such as pyjamas, underwear, toothbrush and hairbrush, plus personal comforts including a book, activities and a soft toy.

The scheme provides comfort and practical help for all the children likely to need to go straight to emergency foster accommodation from North Mid.

Gayle said “Feedback from people about these has been great. One child immediately put on their superhero cape to wear around the ward. Another 6 year old ran around maternity outpatients showing everyone who would look the contents of her rucksack.” 

Upgrading our relatives room in A&E      

This was refreshed with new furniture, updated artwork, new flooring and decorations. This has made the room a much more comfortable and welcoming space for relatives to wait in the ED while their family receives care. The room was in dire need of an update as the previous furniture was badly worn. 

Waiting room screens in A&E

The team purchased two screens to display waiting times and information in their waiting room. These now display images and information for patients about services and facilities in the hospital and will also begin showing information for patients about alternative services and general healthcare messaging. 

Making our X-ray waiting rooms more child friendly

Distraction during procedures such as x-rays with children using toys and sounds are often very effective. With over 17,000 imaging examinations for children taking place per year here, Karin Dewing in our radiography team wanted to make the environment in our imaging department more child friendly. 

Radiotherapy self-check-in reduces waiting time

Patients no longer have to wait to check-in to radiotherapy appointments thanks to new equipment that allows them to check-in themselves. 

With funding from the Dragon’s Den initiative we held earlier this year, Rob Lythgoe and the team installed the equipment in November and the team is already seeing the benefits. This comes as the team has begun working extending opening hours as they see more patients during the day owing to increased activity and an on-going treatment unit replacement programme.

Rob said: “Patients being able to self-check-in helps to cut down on congestion in the waiting area, and helps to reduce the time they spend queuing. It also frees up time for our administrative staff to continue managing the clinic and helps our radiographers know when out of hours patients have arrived so that we can meet them sooner.”

Improving patient experience in Podium 1 and ASU

There are a number of patients in Podium 1 and ASU who, unfortunately, need to stay with us for a considerable period of time. The estates and facilities team spotted an opportunity to improve their experience with us by putting televisions in their rooms.

The project was funded and the televisions were installed – this now mirrors what is available in our Tower wards.  

Chair beds in our delivery suite

Birthing partners who support women during birth in our Delivery Suite are able to stay at any time. Our maternity team wanted to offer them more than the standard chairs to use as they may have to stay overnight.

The team bought a number of chair beds so that they could be more comfortable and better rested when with their partners in the Suite. 

Outdoor gym for patients and staff

We installed new outdoor gym equipment in time for National Fitness Day last year. Some of our Matrons just couldn't resist testing out the equipment in our brand new, outdoor gym space!  Offering five machines, the gym is open to our patients and staff.

Make a donation

Online via our JustGiving Page

Donate to North Mid

Text to donate:

Text NORTHMID to 70085 to donate £3 (Texts cost £3 plus one standard rate message. If you’d like to give £3 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text NORTHMIDNOINFO to 70085).

Cash Donations:

Cash donations can be made at our Cashiers Desk on Level 0. You can find the Cashiers Desk by turning left as you enter the main entrance of the hospital and turning right at Costa Coffee.  

Via Cheque:

Cheques made payable to North Middlesex University Hospital General Charitable Fund and send to: Fundraising Manager, Trust Headquarters, Sterling Way, London, N18 1QX


More ways to donate

Donate whilst you shop!

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile - You can donate whilst you are shopping at Amazon. All you need to do is login to Amazon smile and choose “North Middlesex Hospital General Charitable Fund”. Amazon will don’t 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charity and you still pay the original price!



Easyfundraising - Enjoy online shopping? Want to donate to a charitable cause whilst you shop? Sign up to Easyfundraising and shop at your favourite retailers for the same price and they make a charitable donation to us!

Want to make a donation of goods or food 

Get in touch with us directly to discuss. We are unable to accept perishable food items at this time.

Openness and transparency

North Mid Charity raises funds to benefit our staff, patients and local community in North London, the charities aim is to enhance the experience of our patients and provide support across the hospital to all our staff. 

We seek to fund projects, ideas and opportunities brought to us by staff, patients and the local community. As an NHS charity we fund items, projects and ideas that our NHS budget can't cover. 

North Mid Charity recognises the necessity for transparency, openness and integrity to be maintained and extended throughout this time, and in order to ensure our continued compliance with the Bribery Act 2010, all donations are being appropriately documented in a register which will be a matter of public record. Donations are, and will continue to be, handled openly and unconditionally as a gesture of esteem and goodwill only, in keeping with the spirit of both our generous benefactors and of the relevant laws and regulations. 

North Mid Charity gift acceptance guidance

These guidelines outline the principles under which the North Mid Charity will raise funds for the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, and the circumstances in which a donation would be refused or returned.

Key principles

  1. The North Mid Charity adheres to best practice across all of its fundraising activities. It is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and abides by the Fundraising Code of Practice.
  2. All fundraising activity and communication with supporters will be conducted according to the best practice outlined in these Codes of Practice, and in accordance with Trust values of being caring, fair and open.
  3. The Charity will not solicit or accept donations of funds that they judge to be illegally or unethically obtained.
  4. The Charity will carefully consider whether, by accepting a gift, the organisation would face a level of reputational risk.
  5. Acceptance of gifts should be aligned with the Trust procurement policy.
  6. The fundraising partners will not fundraise from individuals who are considered unable to make independent financial decisions. For further detail, please refer to our Fundraising & Vulnerable Circumstances guidance.

Refusing and returning donations

In accordance with Charity Commission advice, keeping or returning donations is the decision of a Charity’s Trustees. The Charitable Funds Committee acts as corporate Trustee for North Mid Charity, and final decisions on whether to return a donation will therefore be made by the Committee.

Any such donations will firstly be considered at a meeting of the Charity Steering Group. The Steering Group will make a final recommendation to the Charitable Funds Committee based on the information and evidence it holds in relation to the donation.

Depending on the terms of a donation and how the funds were raised, there may be restrictions on whether a donation can be returned, and the Charity Commission may need to authorise such returns. The Charity will seek advice from the Commission where required, and on a case by case basis.

When a donation will be refused or returned:

  1. Where an error has been made by the donor such as, but not limited to:
    1. If a donor has double clicked on the online payment page and the donation had been processed twice.
    2. The wrong donation amount was processed (i.e. and)
    3. If there is a technical error on our online payment forms that caused donations to be taken in error
    4. If the donor actually meant their donation to go to somewhere else
    5. Errors made with donations under a Direct Debit Guarantee
  2. If the Charity has reasonable belief that the funds were raised illegally or unethically.
  3. Acceptance of gifts must align with North Mid values and ethics. Under this guiding principle, gifts from tobacco companies will not be accepted.
  4. A truly anonymous donation, in which the fundraising partners only deal with an intermediary who is not willing to identify the donor, will not be accepted.
  5. If the agreement with the donor can no longer be fulfilled (i.e. the project they have funded ceases to exist, or the funds are no longer required). In such cases, the Charity would work closely with the donor to see if their funds could be re-purposed for another benefit before returning the donation.