About our service

Anaesthesia is one the largest specialties in the hospital. We provide a wide ranging service that crosses over multiple specialties and includes both emergency and elective work.

Anaesthesia is a highly innovative, technical and evolving specialty. Following on from the advancing techniques in anaesthesia we have seen the introduction of laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques which means that 80% of the surgical procedures we do are now day cases.

Conditions we treat

We provide the anaesthetics for patients who are undergoing surgery, either emergency or elective. We ensure you are safe and pain free during and after your surgery.

We provide pain relief during labour for expectant mothers and we are involved in the treatment and care of critically unwell children.

At the core of our specialty is the safety of our patients.

Meet our team

We are a team of 19 consultants, including 3 pain specialists. We are supported by a team of 1 associate specialist, 7 specialty doctors and 9 trust registrars. We also work closely with our Operating Department Practitioner colleagues and Anaesthetic nurses.

Refer a patient

Patients are referred to the Anaesthetic team for review if they need a surgical procedure.

Where to find us

Theatres (first floor), Labour ward (ground floor)

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