About our international midwifery programme (OSCE)

Our Midwifery OSCE Preparation Programme provides training to prepare internationally educated midwives (IEMs) to undertake the Nursing and Midwifery Council's Objective Structured Clinical Examination, or the NMC OSCE, which is part 2 of the Test of Competence to be eligible to register with the NMC as a Midwife. The programme will help you to successfully prepare for completing the NMC OSCE.

Our 15 day training programme is delivered face to face and provides you with the opportunity to learn through classroom teaching, hands on role play for clinical stations and mock examinations. You will be assessed individually on your clinical skills and knowledge and constructive feedback provided to improve and develop your knowledge and competences to meet the NMC requirement for professional registration. You will also be given the opportunity and encouraged to work in groups, undertake self-assessments and participate in reflective learning activities as part of your learning and developmental needs.

Before your programme starts, you will gain access to learning centre on MS teams where you will find key resources and materials to help you to prepare for your course. Throughout and beyond the programme, you will be able to access a wealth of resources and materials to help you with your learning and successfully complete your NMC OSCE exam.

You will be expected to complete some pre-course work in preparation for your training. When enrolling you will receive a login access for our online learning platform a week before the training and it is important that you complete and email in the pre-course work to be marked. This is part of your contractual requirement with us. Please do not leave your coursework to the last minute as we need to mark it and get feedback to you in a timely manner. You will need a work email address for the pre-course to be sent to you (If you do not have a NHS email you will need to contact your recruitment support / practice educator to have this set up. This is your organisations responsibility). 

What the course entails

The topics covered in the programme are spread over 15 days and include:

  • Introduction to the Midwifery OSCE Preparation Programme
  • NMC Code
  • OSCE Testing Process
  • Communicating women and family
  • Maternity Early Warning Scoring (MEWS)
  • Mock OSCEs

As part of the training, you will be expected to demonstrate your professional autonomy, and more clinical assessments have been included to reflect this. Also, in the UK midwives are now taught to undertake the Examination of The Newborn (NIPE); the elements of this assessment that are required for your ToC will be covered. Within the team we have educators who have completed accredited PROMPT (Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training) to be able to support you with this. Our training mirrors the NMC standards as set out in the ToC part 2 and you will cover all aspects ofpatient assessment, care-planning, safe drug administration and verbal patient evaluations using the SBAR tool (Situation, background, Assessment, Recommendation).

The ToC pathways


  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Individual Sessions Dedicated to the APIE Stations and Practical Run through Sessions

  • Skills Stations and Practice that a covered are:
    • Birth and systematic examination of the newborn (SEN)
    • Post-natal sepsis
    • Postpartum haemorrhage
    • Shoulder dystocia
    • Postnatal assessment and (SEN)
    • Unexpected breech birth

How do I book onto the course?

Please complete this Booking Request Form with the relevant information, and we will be in touch within 5 working days of your submission.

Please note, this is a request and we will be in touch to confirm the course details for your candidate(s), or to discuss your request further.

Please also note, that as part of your training agreement you will also be expected to share your NMC feedback from your OSCE exam with us. This is for our own peer review to ensure we continue to deliver an excellent service. We also want to be able to congratulate you on your success as it is the first milestone of your UK career.

How will this course help you?

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand the OSCE and its importance for gaining registration as Midwife with the NMC
  • Understand how to prepare for the OSCE and have a deep understanding of the individual stations of examination
  • Understand the NMC Code and how to put it into practice
  • Gain awareness of the midwifery related issues, guidelines and recommendations
  • Undertake the NMC OSCE for Midwives

Our online learning resources access will be up until the point of passing your formal OSCE and we actively encourage candidates to submit work for review as this is part of our distance support and pastoral care. We are happy to accept written work, videos and audio recordings. This service is invaluable and sets us apart from other training providers. The use of this service is also reflected in our excellent pass rate.

Will there be a formal assessment?

There will be no formal assessments as part of this course.  However, you will be put through a formal timed mock exam. This is to expose you to what you will experience at the test centres as you cannot underestimate how being timed during stations and also stress affects performance. Your will receive formal written feedback within 3-5 working days (the NMC feedback standard is 5-15 days).

How much does the programme cost?

The course fees are £850 per candidate.

Course training dates


Training Dates
  Cohort 1 Cohort 2 Cohort 3 Cohort 4 Cohort 5 Cohort 6
Week 1

25/04/22 - 01/05/22

16/05/22 - 22/05/22

13/06/22 - 19/06/22

04/07/22 - 10/07/22

25/07/22 - 31/07/22

22/08/22 - 28/08/22

Week 2

02/05/22 - 08/05/22

(2nd B/H)

23/05/22 - 29/05/22

20/06/22 - 26/06/22

11/07/22 - 17/07/22

01/08/22 - 07/08/22

29/08/22 - 04/09/22

(29th  B/H)

Week 3

09/05/22 - 15/05/22

30/05/22 - 07/06/22

(2nd & 3rd B/H)

27/06/22 - 03/07/22

18/07/22 - 24/07/22

08/08/22 - 14/08/22

05/09/22 - 11/09/22


  Cohort 7 Cohort 8 Cohort 9 Cohort 10 Cohort 11 Cohort 12
Week 1

12/09/22 - 18/09/22

03/10/22 - 09/10/22

31/10/22 - 06/11/22

21/11/22 - 27/11/22

19/12/22 - 25/12/22

16/01/23 - 22/01/23

Week 2

19/09/22 - 25/09/22

10/10/22 - 16/10/22

07/11/22 - 13/11/22

28/11/22 - 04/12/22

26/12/22 - 01/01/23

(26th 27th  B/H)

23/01/23 - 29/01/23

Week 3

26/09/22 - 02/10/22

17/10/22 - 23/10/22

14/11/22 - 20/11/22

05/12/22 - 11/12/22

02/01/23 - 11/01/23

30/01/23 - 05/02/23