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A Generous Gift: Family donates Hypoxic Generator to North Mid

Local family donates £3,000 to North Mid to purchase a Hypoxic Generator for it’s Respiratory Division. The donation is the latest project in which North Mid Charity has supported the Trust in delivering outstanding care.

Following the sad passing of Mr Jawharilal Matta last year - a beloved father, grandfather and great-grandfather who was a patient at North Mid for many years - his family have decided to give back and help others, including those suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

In memory of Mr Jawharilal Matta, his family donated to North Mid Charity to purchase a hypoxic generator, providing a resource to the Respiratory Division.

An altitude generator is a device that produces controlled low-oxygen environments, which replicate those at high altitude. This device is used to simulate a high-altitude environment which aids in training & performance for people undertaking activities in these environments. 

Kris Spurling, Principal Physiologist for Respiratory Physiology Department said:

"We plan to use this device to support delivery of hypoxic challenge testing at North Mid. This could provide additional data which would allow us to predict problems that patients with lung disease may have in the air, before they fly.

This would make North Mid one of the few centres conducting this test and we would receive referrals for patients across London. This generous donation has allowed us to purchase the equipment needed to explore offering this service to our local community and others in need of it".

In a statement, Mr Matta's family shared:Mr Jawharilal Matta

 "Following Dad's passing last year, in lieu of flowers at his funeral, we asked friends and family to donate towards purchasing new equipment for people with COPD - a condition he lived with for many years.

In memory of Dad, whose charismatic spirit left a lasting mark on everyone who met him, we're extremely happy to be able to give back and help others living with COPD.

Dad has been a supporter of several charities throughout his life and so we really hope this new hypoxic generator will provide others with this condition a new lease of life.”

Positive change can occur when individuals and families come together to support the well-being of their community. The donation of this device exemplifies the profound impact that a single act of kindness can have on the lives of many.

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