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Building the future - North Mid’s investment in apprenticeships makes it one of the largest NHS recruiters of apprentices in London

Building the future - North Mid’s investment in apprenticeships makes it one of the largest NHS recruiters of apprentices in London

North Mid joined the nation in celebrating the 17th annual apprenticeship week. We spent the week highlighting our apprentices’ hard work as well as the positive impact they have had on our workforce. We are the second biggest trust to provide apprenticeships in London, and we are committed into continually investing into our staff in order to have a sustainable developed and fulfilled team.

Here at North Mid approximately 60% of our staff live in Enfield and Haringey.. We recognise our responsibilities as a significant local employer and apprenticeships are an important part of this. They  help the Trust to develop a workforce that delivers outstanding care for our local people, by ensuring we have staff with the capabilities, commitment, values and behaviours we require now and in the future.

Theme: Skills for Life

This year's theme, "Skills for Life," featured the important role apprenticeships play in the development of essential skills and knowledge needed for fulfilling careers. We used this to emphasise how apprenticeships empower individuals from different divisions and backgrounds to have a rewarding career path while enabling us a trust to nurture a talented workforce equipped with skills we want for the future.

Throughout the week, we listened to inspiring stories from both current and former apprentices, highlighting their journey of growth, development, and progression. From gaining confidence to learning valuable skills and knowledge, apprenticeships have been the starting point for numerous successful careers at North Mid. Apprentice managers also shared their insights into the advantages of supporting apprenticeships and how they contribute to bridging skills gaps, improving workforce capabilities, and ensuring future readiness. We held information sessions to support staff to be confident to complete apprentices and for managers to support staff members to complete apprenticeships. We also held a graduation ceremony for the 53 apprentices who completed their programmes.

Apprentice stories:

Amma-Kay came from retail and reflects on the confidence she has gained liaising with senior leaders. Jamil is a new father, and he talks about balancing work, life and education.

Amma-Kay - Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice from North Middlesex NHS Trust on Vimeo.

Jamil - Level 5 Nursing Associate Apprenticeship from North Middlesex NHS Trust on Vimeo.

By the numbers:

  • Apprentices currently on active programs: 191
  • New apprentices recruited this year: 83
  • Apprenticeships completed this year: 47
  • New clinical apprenticeships introduced: Nursing Associate, Registered Nurse Degree, Nursing associate top-up route
  • Newly enrolled programs: Midwifery Degree, Radiology Degree, Doctors Degree
  • Increase in pharmacy apprenticeships: Pharmacy services assistant, pharmacy technician integrated, science manufacturing technician
  • Expansion of healthcare science programs: Healthcare science practitioner degree, healthcare science associate
  • Growth in leadership programs: Senior leader MBA, chartered manager degree, senior people degree
  • Age range of apprentices: 18-62

Looking ahead

As we move forward, apprenticeships will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping our workforce, ensuring we have the right people in the right roles, with access to the right opportunities and development. By embracing apprenticeships, we not only invest in the growth of our staff but also cultivate a culture of continuous learning and growth. This year we will be offering apprenticeships fully funded apprenticeships for Doctor programmes as well as MBA top ups. This is to support our staff on every level to be able to progress to highest level of senior leadership without paying tuition or leaving the workforce.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2024!


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