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Game on for North Mid's children and young people

In a heartwarming initiative, North Mid Charity has funded a new TheRockinR Gaming Medical Cart for children and young people at North Mid. This innovative project aims to enhance the well-being of young patients by providing them with a unique and engaging gaming experience during their hospital stay.

Recognizing the healing power of play, North Mid Charity has chosen to invest in a new TheRockinR Gaming cart, a state-of-the-art gaming system designed specifically for pediatric patients. This initiative aligns with growing evidence that shows the positive impact of play and recreation on a child's emotional and mental well-being, especially during challenging times like hospitalization.

TheRockinR Gaming Unit is not your typical gaming setup. It is a specially designed, mobile gaming unit that includes the latest gaming consoles, and a variety of age-appropriate games. What sets it apart is its ability to be wheeled directly to the bedside of young patients, allowing them to escape into a world of imagination and entertainment without leaving the confines of their hospital room.

Key features of the unit include:

Mobile Accessibility: The unit's mobility ensures that every child, regardless of their physical condition, can have access to the gaming experience.

Diverse Game Selection: The gaming unit comes equipped with a wide range of games suitable for various age groups, ensuring that every child can find something enjoyable and entertaining.

Therapeutic Benefits: Beyond the obvious entertainment value, the Rocking R Gaming Unit offers therapeutic benefits by providing a positive distraction, reducing stress and anxiety, and fostering a sense of normalcy for pediatric patients.

The purchase of the latest RockinR Gaming Unit and updating of current units means that more patients will be able to access the units in the lead up to and including over the festive period. It not only addresses the immediate need for entertainment during hospitalization, but also contributes to the overall well-being of young patients by creating a positive and uplifting environment.

This thoughtful initiative not only brings joy and entertainment to young patients but also underscores the importance of holistic care that addresses the emotional and psychological well-being of pediatric patients during their hospital stay.

Thank you to supporters of the project:

Tesco Community Grants

ASDA Community Grants

QTS Group

Ahmed Shahrabani

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