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Leading medical school praises North Mid for excellence in medical education

Every year, University College London (UCL) Medical School conducts site visits to ensure the quality of medical education aligns with standards set by regulatory bodies like the General Medical Council and Health Education England. Following the visit, a report is created detailing discussions between UCLMS representatives and provider staff, aiming to understand placement quality and identify areas for improvement. Feedback from these visits informs action plans shared with providers, ensuring ongoing high-quality medical education for future doctors.

This year UCL’s Medical School's team completed a site visit to North Mid and praised the exceptional practices and initiatives driving positive experiences for medical students. It is with great pride to share some highlights from this visit, showcasing the remarkable dedication and commitment of our team towards fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

The school praised the design of spaces such like the library and seminar rooms, coupled with initiatives like installing Govroam and fostering connectivity through Eduroam, showed our proactive approach towards leveraging technology for education. These were all cited as examples of paving the way for their academic and professional growth.

The Trust’s commitment to excellence extends to robust educational governance and quality assurance. From empowering students to engage in direct conversations with leads to leveraging Learning Surveys as a feedback mechanism, the team prioritises continuous improvement and enhancement of our educational practices. Initiatives such as consultant engagement days and scenario-based professionalism sessions showed our proactive approach towards fostering a culture of accountability and professionalism among students and clinicians alike.

Supporting learners and supervisors

North Mid’s undergraduate education team was awarded an Excellence in Medical Education Award for 2022-23. The report showed that students at North Mid are very positive about the atmosphere and appreciate the work put in by the undergraduate teams, it went on to say that students at North Mid are happy to be place here.

Central to the Trust’s mission is the support we provide to both learners and supervisors. Initiatives like mentorship programs and dedicated support for teaching leads underscore our commitment to fostering collaboration and mutual respect within our educational community. The team puts effort into balancing educational responsibilities and clinical demands to reflect our dedication to nurturing both academic and professional growth.

What we did well:

  • Induction materials, i.e. Year 6 Handbook and Year 4 Induction Pack with additional learning opportunities
  • Monthly Learning Survey meetings with teaching leads
  • Consultant engagement days to promote teaching and remind them of their educational responsibilities.
  • Cardiology placement questionnaire, which is circulated before the rotation and used to tailor teaching to the incoming student group.

A lot of hard work that went into recent site visit and into securing North Mid’s position as a leader in medical education. It’s important that we celebrate the dedication and hard work of the medical education team in fostering an environment where learning thrives, and excellence is nurtured. As North Mid continue to evolve and expand educational offerings, the priority is to remain committed to setting new standards of excellence in healthcare education.

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