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Local student and former patient raises £400 for new toys at North Mid

Due to the amazing care a young student received whilst at North Mid, she has gone on to raise hundreds of pounds for new toys for children in the hospital's care.

Ayla, of Kingfisher Hall Academy, raised nearly £400 for North Mid Charity with the aim of giving back to the hospital after recently being a patient in the paediatric unit.

The 9-year-old student decided to fundraise for new toys and on her return to school, asked the headteacher if she could be a ‘Force for Positive Change’ for the hospital and raise money to make children in the hospital’s care happy.

At Kingfisher Hall Academy, the curriculum is designed to ensure our children are a ‘Force For Positive Change (F4C+)’. Each term, the pupils have to take part in a project that helps the school, the community or the wider world.

Motivated by this, Ayla worked with her headteacher to use World Book Day as a fundraising event where children paid £1 each to come to school dressed as their favourite book characters. By doing this, she raised £397.

Ayla was presented with two certificates from North Mid and a big cheque by Chief Finance Officer Bimal Patel and charity fundraising manager Mete Redif.

Ayla said: "I wanted to buy some new toys so the sick children had something nice to play with. That’s why I wanted to be a Force for Positive Change and raise some money to help all the children in the hospital."

Matthew Clifford, headteacher at Kingfisher, said: “At Kingfisher School, our curriculum driver is for children to be “A Force For Positive Change” and I am so proud of Ayla as she insisted we do something to help the paediatric unit at North Middlesex Hospital.

"Every day Ayla would come to my office with fundraising ideas and eventually managed to raise nearly £400 to go towards the children’s unit. She is an amazing girl!"

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