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New activities boost dementia patients’ wellbeing

Patients with dementia are enjoying new activities which will improve wellbeing and speed up their recovery.

Thanks to a donation made to North Mid Charity to improve dementia care, patients can now take part in a range of activities including bingo, listening to music, watching films, painting, colouring, and completing jigsaw puzzles, while they are in hospital.

The activities, which are available to all departments who are caring for patients with dementia, also include aromatherapy to help manage feelings of anxiety and depression, ‘chuckle and chat’ packs which provide prompts to encourage conversations and reminiscing, and star projectors to create a calming environment during the night to help patients relax and sleep better.

Caroline Chioma Johnson-Nwosu, dementia lead nurse, said: ‘These activities will help make the hospital environment more relaxing and simulating for patients with dementia. It will boost their physical and mental health and help patients recover and go home to their loved ones more quickly”.

Sarah Hayes, chief nurse, said: ‘We are committed to ensuring all our patients have the best experience possible while in hospital. Taking part in meaningful activities such as these will help reduce stress and anxiety that patients with dementia might be feeling and create a more comfortable environment.

I am so grateful to the donor for their generosity. These activities will make a huge difference to our patients”.

Staff at North Mid showing the new activities we have for patients with dementia

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