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North Mid Charity helps patients showcase their creativity

North Mid Charity has funded a Patients Arts Programme that makes a vital contribution to the healing environment and improving the hospital experience for patients at North Mid.

Patients are invited to weekly 90-minute art sessions every Friday in our Acute Stroke Unit (ASU) dayroom. During these sessions, our facilitators provide art materials, tips and tuition to help patients create pieces of art with deep personal importance.

The programme creates a less stressful environment by provide patient friendly surroundings which are relaxing and engaging, while actively supporting creativity and learning amongst our patients, visitors and staff.

Harriet Armstrong, Medical Photography Manager and project lead said:

“Having already witnessed the positive impact of our art sessions for stroke patients, I know just how art can help with recovery and rehabilitation. Huge thanks to North Mid Charity for supporting our patient arts programme, which provides meaningful opportunities for engagement, distraction, and social interaction.”

The room, equipment and art materials are adapted to meet the individual needs of the patients- taking into consideration the diversity and complexities of patients’ needs. Patients are encouraged to visualise and verbalise their creative abilities and to practise their fine motor and cognitive skills in a relaxed, safe environment.

In celebrating the pieces of art created by patients, the pieces will be photographed, digitally enhanced and installed in our new Day Surgery Unit (DSU) at North Mid.

If you would like to donate your time, money or gifts to other projects at North Mid Charity we would love to hear from you. Contact our fundraising manager on 020 8887 2935 or northmid.donations@nhs.net

If you wanted to donate to a specific campaign at North Mid Charity, we have a number of campaigns currently running, and you can donate to them or to our general fund online .

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