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North Mid’s centenary celebrations draw to a close with a time capsule

Throughout 2021, the Trust celebrated one hundred years of being known as North Middlesex Hospital. As our centenary celebrations draw to a close, a time capsule has been created and displayed in the hospital atrium (near WH Smiths) to showcase a selection of objects that represent #TeamNorthMid.

Staff across the Trust contributed various items to the time capsule which reflected an extraordinary year at North Mid:

  • North Mid annual report
  • True North
  • Dietitians magazine
  • Freka tube
  • Enternal feeding set
  • 60ml enternal syringe
  • Face mask
  • Newspaper article which announces our new centenary ward (Telegraph)
  • Photos
  • Name badge
  • Welcome to North Mid board

Several events have been held throughout the year to celebrate our successes, recognise our achievements and reward our contributions.

The celebrations kicked off with a timeline of the Trust’s history which was displayed in the hospital’s atrium. The display which details every decade since 1921, also showcases the Trust’s provisional plans for future regeneration, which will accommodate rising population numbers anticipated in Enfield and Haringey over the next 15 years. With the aim to transform the site into a vibrant, modern and environment, North Mid is working with the Greater London Authority to explore new housing opportunities, a multi-storey carpark, and new hospital facilities that complement the current state-of-the-art buildings. With improved housing, better employment opportunities and increased support for local businesses; the Trust aims to create a thriving community.

In February, the North Mid opened the Captain Sir Tom Moore Centenary Ward, a new ward named in honour of Captain Tom who raised so much money for NHS Charities. The 20 bed ward has been used to care for patients recovering from surgery. The money raised by the Army Veteran who left a wonderful legacy through this charity work was also used to provide practical and emotional support and wellbeing resources for staff. The staff allotment was also renovated to allow staff to unwind and grow their own vegetables.

A virtual staff awards ceremony took place live from Tottenham Stadium in March. Whilst the annual event took place virtually, it was important for staff to take a step back and reflect on the progress they have made – particularly in the last year. With 12 categories to choose from, staff across the Trust nominated their peers for various awards. This included: compassionate leader, working with our community and outstanding contribution to patient experience and care.

With so much history to understand and celebrate, an exhibition was held to showcase the Trusts incredible past and the exciting future that lies ahead. As staff made their way around the exhibition, a variety of games and costumes from significant eras were displayed to help staff understand and appreciate how far the hospital has come. As well as reflecting on the past, staff were also privy to future plans which highlighted the hospitals approach to ensuring   local people are provided with the best possible service. This also includes investing in our local community and ensuring we work with local businesses and organisations to achieve more. Gary Boudier, the author of ‘The history of North Mid’ also attended to share his knowledge of our much loved hospital.

Dr Nnenna Osuji, Chief Executive Officer, at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, said: “The North Mid family is very special  and I am honored to be part of it and have the opportunity to celebrate the hospital’s centenary year.

“Photos of North Mid 100 years ago were unique and distinct but most importantly tell a story of progress. Whilst things changed slowly back then, I believe it will be hugely different in 100 years’ time. The items gathered by staff which symbolise simple emblems of day to day life are likely to look like relics in 100 years’ time. However, it is important we still celebrate this milestone and give those in the future, the opportunity to understand our present which will become their history.”

Both the history and future of North Mid is one to celebrate. Serving one of the UK’s most diverse communities with over 90 nationalities and a population of more than 350,000 people along with a growing younger population, North Mid is more than ‘just’ a provider of healthcare services. Formally known as the Edmonton Infirmary which consisted of 12 wards – each with 28 bed – and two ambulances, North Mid has continued to evolve and is now one of London’s busiest acute hospitals.


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