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North Mid's paediatric unit wins prestigious training award

North Mid’s Paediatric Unit picked up the top prize for the Training Unit of the Year award at the National Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements (PAFTAs).

The team were awarded the prize for demonstrating exceptional commitment to supporting staff and trainees in paediatric education, providing provided extensive educational and emotional support.The team was also recognised for actively listening to concerns raised by trainees and promptly addressing them. This responsiveness ensured that trainees felt valued, supported, and motivated to excel in their roles.

The paediatric team scored a nomination following a statement by Carol who is a member of the team member of the unit. She highlighted her pride in the culture and the many initiatives implemented to foster excellence within all team members. In her statement she wrote:

From induction, all trainees pick up management and leadership roles in the department and are encouraged to do quality improvement (QI) projects and develop nonclinical skills. Requests and concerns are carefully listened to and addressed, never ignored.

In line with RCPCH child health ethos, the department is keen to improve child health generally, always considering improvements to care. A workshop to provide parental education and support parents locally led by a newly created trust grade has been immensely successful.

There is considerable emphasis on emotional well-being and personal support for trainees from the consultant body. Emotional debriefs with the psychology team following distressing and stressful events is also encouraged and provided on a regular basis.

It is very evident from talking to the trainee group that they find the consultant body supportive and approachable. This feeling is reinforced by attending regular socials with consultants and nurses, which an addition to being fun, dispel all anxieties about hierarchy.

North Mid believes that fostering behaviours, values, and principles outlined through Carol’s statement had been crucial in creating an environment where teams and individuals can flourish. Carol's reflection further emphasised this belief. Her team had prioritised support for trainees, demonstrating unwavering commitment to their holistic well-being and understanding that professional growth was deeply intertwined with emotional support.

In addition to providing regular meetings and tailored support initiatives, the team had created avenues for their trainees to develop not only their clinical competencies but also their leadership skills and engagement in quality improvement projects. These efforts had cultivated an environment where every individual felt empowered to contribute their best, fostering a culture of inclusivity and trust where trainees felt safe to voice their concerns and seek guidance when needed.

The PAFTAs are organised by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Trainees Committee, and they recognise achievements among trainees and trainers in paediatrics nationally.

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