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Supporting our staff and community following news of earthquakes in Turkey/Syria border region

We are shocked and saddened by the news from Turkey, Syria and countries nearby, of the devastation caused by the major earthquakes earlier this week.

North Mid is blessed to be part of a community which has many individiuals and families with strong connections to the affected countries.

We know many staff, patients, and local people will be distressed at both the information we are hearing in the UK about the disaster and recovery efforts, and in some cases, what we are not hearing, when we seek reassurances about family and friends’ safety.

It is natural to want to help, and we are both proud and humbled that so many North Mid colleagues will want to respond generously. We know that aid agencies and international relief organisations frequently indicate that financial support – which can deployed flexibily in the affected region, and support economic recovery as well as disaster relief – is preferred over physical donations.

We realise that cost-of-living pressures are causing financial hardship in the UK too, however if you're able to donate anything financially to support the earthquake response, please do so via a reputable and trusted aid organisation such as Islamic Relief,  International Rescue Committee, or Action Aid.

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