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The Nightingale support North Mid with their ‘Stitches of Support’ campaign

Patients in the chemotherapy day unit and oncology ward received blankets which were hand stitched by members of the local community.

Representatives from The Nightingale, Sue and Fiona, delivered the latest batch of handmade blankets as a part of the “hug in a blanket” campaign which the ‘Stitches of Support’ are providing to chemotherapy patients.

Individual squares are made and sent to The Nightingale who then work with it’s members and local community groups to stitch the squares together to make amazing blankets to be distributed. The visit to North Mid was the latest delivery which sees the total number of blankets donated to the hospital reaching over 200.

On their visit, Sue and Fiona caught up with Nightingale patients old and new, as well as their families.

Fiona Connell, Head of Services said:

Blanket donation“It was a special privilege to be able to visit all 19 patients in the bedded ward and share the love that had gone into every stitch in the Stitches of Support blankets. 

There were several elderly patients at the bedded ward who don't have regular visitors so to be able to give them a blanket (a hug) was so special. 

To know that we have spread the love with the blankets and have been able to let people know that we are here to help made what should have been a sad time a very beautiful morning.”

Mete Redif, the charity manager at North Mid who invited Fiona and Sue to visit with the blankets said: 

“We were delighted to welcome Fiona and Sue from The Nightingale for their latest donation of hand knitted blankets for patients on our chemotherapy day unit and our podium ward. 

It was amazing to see that the time and effort that had gone into each of the blankets was so warmly received by patients and brought a smile to their faces. 

We are lucky to have such a caring and compassionate community in our local area who are always looking at ways to support each other in times of need.” 

The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre looks to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, their family and friends by helping them come to terms with and cope with their changing lives.

You can visit their website here and contact Fiona by phone 020 8366 4333 or by email fiona@nightingalesupport.org.uk.

If you would like to donate your time, money or gifts to other projects at North Mid Charity, we would love to hear from you. Contact our charity manager on 020 8887 2935 or northmid.donations@nhs.net.  

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