Our visitors' charter

At North Middlesex University Hospital, we value the important role loved ones, friends and carers play in supporting patients in their recovery. We want all visitors to feel welcome, and free to ask questions. Our visitors’ charter outlines what you can expect from us during your visit and what we would like in return. We want to ensure open visiting is beneficial to everyone.

We expect our staff to:

  • Be respectful, polite and welcoming to all visitors.
  • Be supportive of visitors who wish to participate in the care of their loved one.
  • To create a calm and relaxing environment to help patients recover.
  • Do our best to ensure mealtimes are about the same time every day.
  • Keep each patient’s next-of-kin well informed (with the patient’s permission).
  • Do all we can to prevent infection - this may mean restricting or suspending visiting at times.
  • Talk to visitors about how to make the most of their time on the ward.
  • We will provide a clean hospital environment.
  • Ensure that facilities for hand hygiene are readily available.
  • Use our skills to prioritise the planning of care to our patients and communicate our decisions.
  • Be willing to listen and open to feedback.

We expect visitors to:

  • Be respectful and polite to staff and other patients and visitors. Avoid disturbing staff doing important work such as giving medication. 

  • Be respectful of patients’ privacy and dignity and leave the bed side if asked to do so.

  • Please be aware that you will be asked to leave the ward if a medical emergency occurs.

  • Let nurses know if you would like to deliver care. If you can help your friend or relative during mealtime, please ask the ward team about what you can bring and mealtimes.

  • Provide your loved ones with their toiletries, dentures, glasses, hearing aid, suitable clothing, and footwear.

  • Our patients are poorly so please keep noise levels to a minimum and put your phone on silent.

  • Leave promptly at the end of visiting time and return any chairs you have borrowed.

  • Try to visit outside mealtimes unless you want to feed your family member; this allows patients to eat their meal in a peaceful environment.

  • Please let the staff know if you would like to help the patient eat their meal (this may vary from ward to ward). We would encourage and support relatives supporting patients during their mealtime.

  • Arrange for one family member to act as liaison between the ward staff, family, and friends.

  • Tell the Nurse/Midwife in charge if you feel you have not been given enough information.

  • Stay at home if you are suffering from cold/flu symptoms or vomiting and/or diarrhoea and do not visit until you have been symptom free for at least two days. Wash your hands on entering and leaving the ward and use the alcohol gel/foam where provided.

  • Do not sit on the patient’s bed.

  • Do not use the patient’s toilet or bathrooms.

  • Take breaks from the bedside to allow the patient to rest if needed.

  • Assist the patient to keep the bed space tidy and allow staff to clean effectively.

  • Inform staff of any specific needs that the patient has. Ask staff about the ‘Patient Passport’.

  • Please speak to us if you have any questions and tell us what you think about the care the patient is receiving.

We are committed to providing high quality care to our patients. Thank you for your cooperation.

If your concerns are not resolved after speaking to staff on the ward, please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) which is located on the ground floor near the main entrance of the hospital. They will work with you to try to resolve your concerns. Email: northmid.PALS@nhs.net or telephone: 020 8887 3172.