About our post Covid syndrome community service in Enfield

We provide community therapy once patients have been medically investigated and treated at the Post Covid Assessment Clinic at University College London Hospitals. 

We are a group of therapists of different backgrounds that work with patients to make lifestyle changes to assist their recovery from Post Covid Syndrome (sometimes called Long Covid).  Patient are referred to us from UCLH after a GP referral to the assessment clinic.  UCLH deal with the necessary investigations and guidance on any medications that could be beneficial – the Community PCS teams do not have the ability to order tests or medications.

Who is the service for?

Adults who live in Enfield who have ongoing symptoms after having a Covid or suspected Covid illness that has not fully recovered after 4 weeks and cannot be explained by other illnesses.  This service does not replace urgent care for acutely unwell patients who should be treated via traditional routes

What we offer

  • Education on PCS/Long Covid and on how lifestyle modifications can assist recovery
  • Fatigue management
  • Breathing pattern retraining
  • Strategies for Cognitive Dysfunction/Brain Fog
  • Sleep optimisation techniques
  • Psychological support
  • Vocational rehabilitation

The majority of services are delivered virtually either via Teams video calls or via telephone.  Where clinically necessary, patients may be seen face to face, usually at Highlands HC in Winchmore Hill.

Refer a patient

Referral is via GP to UCLH Post Covid Assessment Clinic. 

Patients are then triaged on the phone by a nurse practioner and either accepted for a UCLH Clinic assessment or referred directly to the Community PCS Team if all investigations have already been completed by the GP or others.

Once all investigations are completed, patients will be referred to the Enfield Post Covid Syndrome Therapy Team by UCLH if this is deemed appropriate.