About our Clinical Health Psychology service

The Clinical Health Psychology team specialises in supporting people to live well with physical health conditions. We provide psychological advice and consultation to the Cardiology, Haematology, HIV and Oncology services at North Middlesex University Hospital.  The service is provided by Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust.

Conditions we treat

Being diagnosed with a physical health condition can affect your life in many different ways.  We provide psychological assessment, consultation and interventions, which focus on helping people manage their physical health condition and consider the impact of health and illness on quality of life. 

Typical interventions include:

  • helping people come to terms with or adjust to their health condition and treatment
  • helping people make decisions about treatment
  • helping people to cope with the impact of their physical health condition on their work life, relationships, and overall well-being
  • assisting people to make lifestyle changes that maintain and improve health and wellbeing

How to access the service

Our psychologists are embedded within North Middlesex University Hospital’s Cardiology, Haematology, HIV and Oncology services and referrals are accepted from healthcare professionals within these specialities. 

For further enquiries, please contact the Lead for Clinical Health Psychology at northmid.macmillanpsychology@nhs.net

How we can support teams

Our team supports other health care professionals in their roles to promote the psychological wellbeing of all people accessing healthcare services.  We run reflective groups and offer teaching and training to doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to promote the psychological skills and knowledge of healthcare staff.

Meet our team

  • Dr Caroline Dancyger - Consultant Clinical Psychologist  & Lead for Clinical Health Psychology (HIV & Oncology) Dr Heather Munro, Clinical Psychologist (Oncology)
  • Dr Jenny Cove, Clinical Psychologist (Oncology)
  • Dr Ruth Marks, Clinical Psychologist (Haematology)
  • Dr Sally Pugh, Clinical Psychologist (Cardiology)

Refer a patient

Referrals are only accepted from healthcare professionals within the relevant specialties at North Middlesex University Hospital. We do not accept referrals from any other sources.

What to expect when you are referred to the Clinical Health Psychology service

You will be offered an initial consultation, where you will discuss with a psychologist your life including your current health, what your current concerns are and together you will try to work out what may be most helpful to you.   Following this consultation the psychologist may suggest other services to access that may suit your needs, or they may offer you further psychology sessions within their service.. 


If you decide that you do not wish to see a clinical psychologist that is your choice, and this will not adversely affect your healthcare care.