About our urology service

The urology department at North Mid offers a modern, patient-centered service with continuous focus on innovation, communication, openness and clinical governance. Our vision is to provide high quality and safe urological care to the local population.

We have grown exponentially, recruiting more staff, including doctors and nurses; we have more equipment and facilities as we continue to expand our service. We aim to develop our acute, elective and specialist services for stone disease, cancer diagnostics, prostatic diseases and urinary incontinence. We are part of the north central London sustainability and transformation programme (NCL STP) to create new pathways and improve local services. We also participate in multinational and cross-institutional research protocols for bladder cancer.

The Urology service was named the ‘’best clinical team of the year 2018’’.

Conditions we treat

We provide inpatient and outpatient care for benign (non-cancerous) and cancerous urological conditions, and manage paediatric genito-urinary conditions, including emergency services to the population of North Central London.

We have dedicated clinics for our haematuria and prostate cancers, our paediatric patients and stone patients. We also have nurse-led clinics with our PTNS clinic being the nationally leading service.

Stone Service

We offer a comprehensive Stone service, offering patients with stone disease, a complete package of treatment procedures that includes Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy-PCNL( keyhole surgery to remove kidney stones), Ureteroscopy and Laser treatment (minimally invasive fragmentation and removal of stones) and Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy-ESWL( non-invasive treatment to break stones without surgery). These minimally invasive procedures enable patients to recover quicker and return to active life sooner.

There are unique stone MDT (Multi-disciplinary Team) meetings to discuss cases and plan patient care. We also run a specialist Stone clinic in conjunction with a renal physician to evaluate medical causes for stone disease and offer advice to patients on prevention.

Cancer service

We offer rapid diagnostic pathways for suspected cancer patients that include straight-to-test and one-stop clinics, leading to faster diagnosis and early treatment.


The North Mid Rapid Assessment Prostate Pathway (NM-RAPP) is a Consultant led pathway where patients can have MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of their prostate prior to having a transperineal prostate biopsy under local anaesthesia. The results will be available within 14 days of referral and a decision about further treatment can be made.


The One-Stop Haematuria and Bladder Cancer service is a Consultant led pathway where patients can have ultrasonography or CT scan and flexible cystoscopy the same day with immediate results made available to them at the end of the day.

Other urological cancers

As we are a part of the North Central London (NCL) cancer collaborative group, we are in close relationship with the Royal Free and University College London Hospitals to provide world class treatments for patients diagnosed with Prostate, Bladder, Penile and Kidney cancer.

We are part of the Royal Free Hospital Specialist MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) for Renal cancer and UCLH for other tumour sites.

At the North Middlesex site, we offer state of the art radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments with an excellent oncology team. We also provide follow-up care for cancer patients who have had their surgery at UCLH and Royal Free Hospital.

We also have a team of experienced clinical nurse specialists, who support patients throughout their diagnostic and treatment journey along cancer pathways.

Paediatric urology service

We offer assessment for children of all ages, review of complex conditions in joint paediatric urology specialty clinics and when necessary, onward referrals to specialist teams.

Children three years and older are offered surgical procedures such as circumcision (for medical reasons), hydrocele repair and orchidopexy

Nurse-led urology clinics

We offer nurse-led clinics within our Urology Suite and Cystoscopy Unit to support in the diagnoses and treatment of benign and cancerous urological conditions.

Some of these specialised clinics include:

  • Urological tests (Uroflowmetry and urodynamics).
  • Catheter clinics (trial without catheter and changes of catheter)
  • Surveillance clinics for patients with diagnosed prostate cancer
  • Injections for prostate cancers.
  • Bladder cancer treatments (intra-vesical BCG and Mitomycin C)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Incontinence treatments, including Biofeedback, PFME and PTNS
  • Diagnostic and surveillance cystoscopy using Flexible Cystoscope
  • Removal of Ureteric Stents using a Flexible  Cystoscope
  • Flexible Cystoscope guided change of catheters

We are the nationally leading service for PTNS (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimuation) treatments. PTNS is a low-risk, non-surgical treatment to improve patient’s bladder and pelvic floor function using gentle electrical impulses. This treatment has been shown to improve symptoms for those with overactive bladders and bowels.

Emergency services

We provide 24/7 adult and paediatric emergency urological care to the population of North Central London. Our emergency department is one of the busiest in London with more than 500 attendances every day. There is a daily consultant led ward round and 24/7 middle grade cover for urology, ensuring early senior review and decision-making. The department also performs emergency operations such as ureteric stenting, primary ureteroscopy and scrotal explorations. We operate an average of 2 emergency cases a day. We are working towards providing an emergency stone service through already established hot lists.  

To find out more information please contact us.

How to prepare for your visit

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the majority of our appointments will be converted to telephone or virtual clinics where possible.

A telephone appointment will involve a clinician calling you to discuss your condition. Please be aware that this call will be from a private number and the doctor may not be able to strictly adhere to the allotted appointment time.

If you find virtual appointments difficult, please contact us.

For some conditions we will still require to see you in person to offer additional support, perform an examination or undertake a procedure.

Urgent procedures and treatments including cancer diagnostic services are available but in accordance with strict infection control guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone. A protected zone has been set up for planned procedures where both patients and staff are routinely screened and tested for Covid-19 and are confined within the designated area. Please follow any infection control and prevention measures given to you by our team during the pandemic. 

Please be aware for many of our Urological appointments you may be required to provide a urine sample on attendance.

For some specialist clinics and treatments you may be required to limit your water intake prior to your appointment. For ultrasound scans and some other Radiological investigations, you may be required to hold urine in your bladder. Further information will be provided to you if required in your appointment letter or information leaflet.

Refer a patient

Patients can be referred using e-RS. For benign conditions please refer via the general urology clinic.

For 2ww appointments please use either Haematuria One Stop clinic or Prostate One Stop Clinic for patients fitting these criteria only. For other 2ww patients not fitting into these specialised clinics (e.g. suspected renal, penile or testicular cancer) please use the 2ww General clinic slots allocated.

We do not accept emailed referrals or self-referrals. For appointment or referral queries please contact us.

Meet our team

  • Mr Gopalakrishnan Nair – Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Mr Stefanos Almpanis – Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Miss Jean McDonald – Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Mr Harshwardhan Godbole - Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Mr Shiv Kumar Pandian – Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Zoila Sanchez – Matron
  • Maria Joanne Baldwin – Urology Lead Nurse
  • Patrick Mensah – Cystoscopy Unit Lead Nurse
  • Margaret Awuah – Prostate Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Christina Birungi - Prostate Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Rhoda Owusu-Dome – Biofeedback Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Kathy Yray – Cystoscopy Nurse
  • Amina Abdi – Urology stone clinical nurse specialist
  • Katie Adon – Urology stone clinical nurse specialist

How did we do?

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You can do this by calling 0208 887 3172 or via e-mail northmid.pals@nhs.net.

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