About our community heart failure service

Our community heart failure service in Enfield offers: 

  • Assessment of patients in their home and planning for their future needs in accordance with patient wishes and service guidelines, NSF for CHD (2000) requirements and NICE guidelines (2010).
  • Professional support, advice and education to patients and their relatives to enable them to effectively manage their illness and return to their normal status wherever possible.
  • Assessment, monitoring and titrate drug therapy to optimize treatment under the direct supervision of the Consultant/GP by using agreed protocols of care. 
  • Liaison with the palliative care team and support for patients and relatives who require palliative care and those experiencing deterioration in their quality of life with regard to physical, psychological, social and spiritual element of care.
  • Training to health care providers for people with heart failure where necessary.

Who is the service for

  • Patients with confirmed diagnosis of Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction with echo or angiography over 18yrs of age.
  • Patients whose main clinical problem is Heart Failure, with three or more admissions in the last one-year.
  • Patients under the care of a GP within Enfield PCT.
  • Must be willing to accept the support of the service.

Refer a patient

Health professionals can refer into the service by completing a heart failure referral form or a letter to the heart failure specialist.