About our service

The Critical Care Unit consists of a twelve ICU beds (level 3) and eight HDU beds (level 2); and is supported by a 24/7 Critical Care Outreach Team whose role focuses on critically ill patients outside the unit. The department prides itself on its training and development for nurses and doctors; research and audit team; dynamic multidisciplinary link teams; and its’ diverse staff to support the diverse population.

We run a critical care follow up clinic for patients who have stayed in the unit more than 5 days, but will also accommodate patients who have been in the department for less than 5 days if they want this support. Post COVID, this clinic is a telephone clinic where you will get a chance to speak to one of our consultants, a nurse and a psychologist.

Our commitment to you

“The Critical Care Complex focuses on improving the patient experience as a priority. To achieve this we need to take pride in what we do and strive to build an open and safe environment that encourages all our staff to freely express their views. We value our diversity as our strength and will learn and grow together by seeking support from other departments and the Trust Board.”

Conditions we treat

We are a general critical care service and treat multiple organ failures due to different conditions. We provide invasive and non-invasive respiratory support; renal support; pre and post-surgery support; and cardiac support just to name a few.

According to their diagnosis, some of our patients may necessitate more specialist care, once stabilized; our doctors and nurses who have been trained in safe transfer skills facilitates the movement of these patients to specialist centers.

Meet our team


  • Gillan Belfon-Johnson – Critical Care/Critical Care Outreach
  • Vikki Howarth – Critical Care Outreach
  • Florence Cobbold  - Critical care

The nursing team consist of Advance Critical Care Trainee Practitioner; a nursing audit team; Practice Development Nurses; Charge Nurses/Sisters (Band 7s); Senior Nurses (Band 6); Junior Nurses (Band 5) and Health Care Support Workers; There is also a support team of  Ward Clerks and  House Keepers

Our consultants:

  • Dr Thaventhran Prabhahar – ICU clinical lead
  • Dr Ahfee Chan 
  • Dr Jeronimo M. Cuesta
  • Dr Priti Gandre 
  • Dr Ferenc Kovari 
  • Dr Konstantinos Tasopoulos
  • Dr Julien Nguekam
  • Dr Evangelos Papadomichelakis

Allied Healthcare Professionals

Our Team also consist of physiotherapists, dieticians, speech and language therapists and pharmacists.

Where to find us

The critical care complex in located on the first floor in the main building, on the same corridor as Theatres.

Our critical care follow up clinic is now telephone based.