About our pharmacy service

We are a team that consist of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants, pre-registration pharmacists & technicians and clerical staff.

We aim to deliver high quality, safe pharmaceutical services.

The hospital’s pharmacy services include a medicines information service (see more below), a ward-based clinical pharmacy service, home care service, distribution service, aseptic and non-sterile production services and outpatient and inpatient dispensing.

What we offer

The core services that the pharmacy department offer include:

  • Clinical Services
    • Ward & Clinic Support
    • Quality Improvement Projects
    • Specialist Pharmacists in areas such as:
      • Acute Medicine
      • Elderly Medicine
      • Surgery
      • Women’s Health
      • Paediatrics
      • Oncology
      • Community Services
      • Anticoagulation
      • HIV & Sexual Health
      • Antibiotics
      • Accident & Emergency
      • Critical Care
      • Medication Safety
      • Education & Training
      • Research and Development/ Clinical Trials
  • Patient Services
    • Inpatient & Outpatient dispensary
  • Technical Services
    • Quality Assurance and Aseptics
  • Medicines Information
    • Medication related enquires from patients and healthcare professionals

Medicines information service

The medicines information service is staffed by pharmacists with clinical expertise, and particular skills in locating, assessing and interpreting information about medicines.

Please contact us if you have any problems or questions about your medicines supplied from our hospital. Please note we can only provide advice about medicines prescribed for you from this hospital.

Examples of questions you may wish to ask:

  • How and when should I take my medicines?
  • Does the prescribed medicine interact with my current medicines?
  • Can I drink alcohol with them?
  • Are there any side-effects?
  • Is it safe to take during pregnancy/breastfeeding?

The medicines information patient helpline is 020 8887 2621 and is open 10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays). 

The contact email for healthcare professionals to contact Medicines Information is nmu-tr.medicinesinformation@nhs.net .


Outpatient pharmacy

Our Outpatient pharmacy is located in the Main building, ground floor, next to the outpatient clinics. 

Outpatient pharmacy dispenses medication for patients who are seen in outpatient clinics or A&E. We deal with a range of clinical specialties including HIV, TB, haematology, oncology, dermatology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, endocrinology, obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics. FP10 prescriptions are not dispensed in outpatient pharmacy.

Our outpatient pharmacist clinically screens each prescription for safety and clinical efficacy before dispensing, and will liaise with prescribers to make valuable interventions in patient treatment where appropriate.

Opening times


Opening times

Monday to Friday  

9:30 – 17:30


9.30 – 12:00



T: 0208 887 2548

Education and training

Education and training

Education and training is a key priority of the pharmacy department with over 20 trainees rotating through various areas within pharmacy and the Trust. The education and training team is committed to delivering high quality education and training and strives to offer innovative ways to produce highly skilled pharmacy staff who provide excellent healthcare and health improvements for our patients.

We currently take part in the steering groups for the 5 year MPharm as well as acting as a pilot site for Integrated Training for Pre-Registration Pharmacy Technicians. We also offer the Level 2 Pharmacy Services Assistant Apprenticeship for those looking to pursue a career in pharmacy.

Trainee pharmacists (TPs)

We currently offer 7 TP positions at North Middlesex University Hospital. 6 of the positions are full-time, and 1 is a split programme between NMUH and a local GP partnership. In addition, we also have 2 further TP positions, where TPs spend their time rotating between North Mid and Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust.

From 2025, we will be offering only 4 TP positions at North Middlesex University Hospital, all of which will include a 13 week placement at Haringey GP Federation. 

For more information on the TP program, please contact Sim (Lead Pharmacist for Education and Training) on samita.nathoo@nhs.net

Please note: TP recruitment is a national process via the Oriel system: https://www.oriel.nhs.uk and we are unable to offer any training places outside of this route.  


Pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians (PTPT)

We currently offer 8 full-time PTPT positions who will work towards obtaining the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in the Principles and Practice for Pharmacy Technicians qualification and will rotate through various services within the North Mid pharmacy department as well as cross sector into community pharmacy and care homes within the local area.

We are proud to be a part of the Health Education England (HEE) National PTPT Integrated Training pilot having secured one of the 48 funded places nationally. This will enable us to develop PTPTs with a broader skillset, allowing them to better support service delivery to patients and the public across all healthcare systems and sectors.

Pharmacy summer students

We currently undertake a selection process to host two MPharm 3 students, for a voluntary four-week placement over the summer period. This placement provides the selected candidate with an insight in hospital pharmacy and secondary care.

Applications for Summer 2024 will open on 1 February 2024, and will close on the 3 March 2024.

Please send your application to:  northmid.pharmacy-education@nhs.net. The subject should contain your full name, and "Summer Placement Application". We will aim to respond to your application by the end of April.

Download:  Summer student Application template.docx [docx] 37KB

Pharmacy volunteers

We are opening volunteer positions for any MPharm student to apply for. Candidates will be subject to a brief interview (via MS Teams). For further information, please contact  northmid.pharmacy-education@nhs.net. The subject should contain your full name, and "Pharmacy Volunteer Position". 

Pharmacy apprenticeships

We offer the Level 2 Pharmacy Services Assistant Apprenticeship to those looking to pursue a career in pharmacy. Our apprenticeship programme is aimed to improve staff recruitment, training and retention and have enabled many of our local community to receive training and development opportunities.

Please check https://www.healthjobsuk.com/ for current pharmacy apprenticeship vacancies. For more information on other apprenticeships within the Trust check our website.

Meet our team

  • Sarah Stern - chief pharmacist and director of medicines pptimisation
  • Allan Stein - interim chief pharmacist and director of medicines optimisation
  • Darren Martin, Clara Lai, Joyce Mahungu - deputy chief pharmacists