About our rheumatology service

The rheumatology department at the North Mid offers a friendly, patient-centred, comprehensive rheumatology service. We have a team of three consultants, two registrars and two clinical nurse specialists as well as a specialist physiotherapist.

We aim to offer a high quality, patient responsive service to our local patients.

Although we are busy department, we never forget to listen to our patients and prioritise their care above all else.

Conditions we treat

We treat any rheumatic or musclosketal condition that proves a challenge to our hard-working local GPs or other hospital doctor colleagues.

We specialise in the below conditions:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • SLE
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Vasculitis

We have specialist clinics for the above conditions in particular, but also provide a holistic service for patients with any musculoskeletal disorder.

We aim to maintain continuity of care, making every effort to see you personally on each clinic visit, rather than seeing a new doctor or nurse on each visit.

How to prepare for your visit

Kindly ensure you follow the Trust’s COVID prevention guidelines. Kindly bring your appointment letter and a written list of your medications to every appointment.


We may carry out a telephone consultation with you initially and organise any diagnostic tests at this point.

Please ensure we have your correct address and phone number which you can give to the administration staff when you come to the hospital

We will send you a copy of our consultation letter that we send every time we see you in our rheumatology clinic, so please rest assured we will communicate in writing to you after your consultation.

Refer a patient

All GP referrals need to be requested via NHS e-Referral Service (eRS)

Advice and Guidance requests can be sent via NHS e-Referral Service (eRS)

GPs can contact the Rheumatology Consultants directly by email or via the hospital switchboard for urgent advice.

We do not accept emailed referrals or self-referrals.

Meet our team

We are a friendly team:


  • Dr Dev Mukerjee, Consultant Rheumatologist
  • Dr Naveen Bhadauria, Consultant Rheumatologist
  • Dr Zozik Fattah, Consultant Rheumatologist

Clinical nurse specialists

  • Deborah Palmer, rheumatology clinical nurse specialist
  • Mary Quiachon, rheumatology clinical nurse specialist


  • Amardeep Sehmi, specialist pharmacist in rheumatology


  • Jane Cohen, specialist senior physiotherapist

Where to find us

Outpatient services are delivered from the Main Outpatient department at North Middlesex University Hospital.