About our Iris Clinic

Our IRIS clinic cares for pregnant and non-pregnant women affected by female genital mutilation which involves any cutting to the female external genitalia for cultural or non-medical reasons.  

Female Genital Mutilation or FGM is a serious global issue that causes long-term health, sexual and emotional problems for a number of women in our community.

Enfield has a high number of women affected by this condition and it is necessary to serve our community, to safeguard the girl-child / women who have history of FGM to understand themselves and most importantly to help them achieve normality in childbirth.

Around 120 women are seen every year in our friendly female staffed clinic.

Conditions we treat

We provide a one stop clinic for both pregnant and non-pregnant women with history of FGM.

We diagnose, identify type of FGM and offer Di-infibulation or reversal of FGM (Opening of the scar tissue).

All Women are offered psychologist and community support.

Non pregnant women who have missed their Cervical Smear test can be offered screening.

We also refer to specialist clinic-obstetrician, Gynaecology, contraception.

How to prepare for your visit

Appointment letter / telephone call to arrange / All female clinic

If it’s not emotionally up setting, prepare to share your experience if you remember on how, when, where you were cut and any adverse effect since then.

We encourage examination to identify the type of FGM and offer treatment to make vaginal birth possible without any trauma.

Where to find us

You can find us in two places: 

  • The gynaecology outpatient department based on the ground floor of the maternity building
  • The women's ambulatory day unit (WADU) in the Tower building

Refer a patient

All women who answer “YES” to FGM at booking get sent appointment letter.

We accept Self-referral, referrals from GP’S, GUM clinic, community advocate and other agencies via the email: northmid.irisclinic@nhs.net

Meet our team

  • Miss Schahrazed Rouabhi – Lead Consultant
  • Grace Aidoo Specialist –  FGM Midwife
  • Psychologist - Referral services
  • Consultant Paediatrician if needed.
  • Interpretation service