About the Same Day Emergency Care service

The Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) unit provides consultant and advanced care practitioner- led care for patients referred with acute medical conditions who do not need an inpatient stay.

We aim to provide same-day diagnostics and treatment without the need for an overnight stay. 

What to expect

When you arrive at the Same Day Emergency Care unit please report to the receptionist who will book you in. Shortly following your arrival a nurse will assess you, take your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, oxygen levels and weight. Depending on your condition, you may also need to have blood tests, heart tracing (ECG), x-rays and urine tests.

Please be aware, you may need additional tests (MRI, Ultrasound or CT) which could mean that you are in the department for the whole day.

The average stay for our patients is between five and six hours.

How to find us

The Same Day Emergency Care unit is located in the main building, level 0 (ground floor).

If you enter via the main entrance, walk towards the end of the atrium and turn right, following the signs to Same Day Emergency Care.

If you are referred to SDEC from the A&E department please follow the signs to X-ray, then turn right and follow the signs to Same Day Emergency Care.

If you need to contact us please call: 020 8887 3709

Our opening hours

8am – 8pm every day (including Bank holidays).

If you are a new patient you will need to attend at least two hours before we close to ensure we have enough time to diagnose and treat you.

Information about follow up appointments

  • Following your attendance, a summary letter will be sent to your GP (and yourself).
  • You may be asked to return to SDEC on another day for further tests, treatment or review.
  • A doctor may review your tests virtually. In this case, you will not be expected to return to the Same Day Emergency Care unit. Your GP (and yourself) will receive a summary letter but this may take some time as some tests take a while to be completed.

Most people will go home on the same day, but if your doctor feels you need to stay in hospital, this will be arranged for you and your SDEC nurse will accompany you to the ward.

If you would like to go to the shops or outside, please let the receptionist know.