About our diabetes service

The diabetes team provides a comprehensive service for people with diabetes. Our multidisciplinary service is provided by a team of four consultants, six specialist nurses, a specialist podiatrist and a specialist dietician. We also supervise 2 specialist trainees from North central London Rotation

The outpatient service is based in clinic 8 and helps people with type 1Diabetes to manage their condition by providing structured education and pump service in addition to conventional treatment. We also support people with Type 2 Diabetes complicated by kidney impairment and foot disease.

The antenatal service for pregnant women with diabetes is run in conjunction with our obstetric colleagues. The outpatient service is delivered in the Obstetrics Clinics on Wednesdays apart from round the clock support to patients by diabetes midwives.

In addition, daily support to the in-patient teams is provided  by our dedicated Nursing team with consultants’ input where needed.

Our dedicated ward is on T7 but we also provide in-patient support to our colleagues on other wards.

Conditions we treat

  • Type 1 Diabetes - we offer a structured education program, Insulin Pump service, Free Style Libre in addition to conventional management of newly diagnosed and pre-existing Diabetes.
  • Type 2 Diabetes- we usually manage patients with complex management needs or complications like advanced kidney or foot disease.
  • Foot service: We have a comprehensive multi-disciplinary foot  service with support from the vascular team from Royal Free hospital. This service is led by a senior specialist podiatrist with regular input from diabetes consultant, local microbiologist, biomechanics and visiting vascular surgeon (MDFT). We work with our community colleagues and try to provide a seamless service for the patients.
  • Gestational Diabetes – we work with the Obstetrics team and deliver 3 clinics every week
  • Transitional care: These clinics are designed to help young adults manage their diabetes. Clinics are held twice a month in conjunction with our paediatrics team
  • Preconception service – designed for women with diabetes planning for pregnancy

How to prepare for your visit

You may be asked to attend for a blood test prior to your appointment with the doctor, it is important that you have this blood test carried out so the results are ready on the day of your appointment.

It is very important that you bring a list of medications you are taking with you each time you attend.

Where to find us

Our outpatient services are delivered from the Main Outpatient Department in Clinic 8. This is located on the second floor of the main building.

Refer a patient

All GP referrals need to be requested via NHS e-Referral Service (eRS)

Advice and Guidance requests can be sent via NHS e-Referral Service (eRS)

We do not accept emailed referrals or self-referrals (except to the diabetic foot ulcer service)

Patients with diabetes and a foot problem can access the diabetes foot clinic via GP, or by telephone on 0208 887 3815. Please contact the service between 9am to 12pm. Unfortunately, this service will not be able to see patients that need routine treatment, for example toenail cutting. Those patients would need to contact their GP for referral to community Podiatry.

Meet our team


  • Dr A Garg
  • Dr R Menon
  • Dr C Nethaji
  • Dr G Rayanagoudar
  • Dr H Tindall

Specialty doctor in diabetes

  • Dr H Eldon

Specialist nurses:

  • Poh-ling Fields
  • Gloria Lamptey
  • Jo Lynch
  • Bridget Parkinson
  • Susan Tutty

Specialist podiatrist:

  • Rupa Thacker

Specialist dietician:

  • Gabby Ramlan

Patient Pathway Coordinators:

  • Mariam Murad
  • Mohammed Neyas

Service Manager:

  • Kimberly Ellis