About our podiatry service in Enfield

We provide specialist assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions.

Podiatry provides highly specialist assessment, diagnoses and treatment of foot pathologies.  Podiatry is concerned with the preservation, restoration and development of the function of the foot and its associated structures.  This means that the service sees a wide range of clinical conditions, including the diabetic foot ulcer, the rheumatoid foot; people with musculoskeletal problems e.g. heel pain, flat foot;  and we provide minor surgery for in-growing toenails.  We also participate in health promotion.

Where we work

We deliver our services on an outpatient basis at clinics across Enfield based at Cedar House, St Michael’s site, Forest Road HC and Bowes Road Clinic.

We provide a very limited home service to the high risk foot - this is when the patient is chair or bedbound. All other users will be required to attend one of our clinics to optimise their care.

What we offer

A comprehensive range of skin and nail care for people with an at risk or high risk foot profile,  short term interventions for people with MSK foot problems  and nail surgery.  Assessment is carried out either on a one-to-one basis or within the group health education sessions. The service uses a validated tool to assess clinical risk and need before accepting a patient for ongoing skin or nail care.

Who the service is for

The service is available for adults and children who live in Enfield, or who are registered with an Enfield GP (and live within half a mile of the boundary).

Refer a patient

Access is via a referral from your GP or other health/social care professional sent to our central office address above.  On receipt of your referral it will be triaged using a validated tool to assess clinical risk and need, before accepting your referral for podiatry care.  Referrals not accepted will be returned to your referrer with the reason why.  When referrals are received it will be entered onto our system and an opt in appointment letter will be sent to you close to your appointment date asking you to confirm that you require an appointment.