About our community nutrition and dietetic service in Enfield

Our dieticians provide practical dietary advice, assessment and treatment to people with nutritional problems in Enfield.

Dieticians provide practical dietary advice, in particular our dieticians assess and treat patients with nutritional problems.  We offer a range of services aimed at improving the health of patients and public in our community. Care and specialist assessment is available for clinically related nutritional problems (such as swallowing problems or dysphagia where joint working or liaison with Adult Speech and Language Therapists). We also provide telephone support for people with nutritional problems and contribute to health promotion initiatives on obesity and diabetes.

Where we work

We deliver our services within patients’ homes, or on an outpatient basis. Currently our clinics are based at: St Michael's Site, Bowes Road Clinic, Eagle House Surgery, Moorfield’s Health Centre, Forest Primary Care Centre, Evergreen Primary Care Centre and Rochdale Surgery.    

What we offer

  • Advice and information, including telephone support
  • Community dietetic clinics in person, on the phone or by video call
  • Training for obesity , diabetes and healthy eating for health, MUST training ,social care, education, and voluntary sector staff where requested and capacity to do so
  • Public education sessions targeted at specific sectors of the community, in line with ECS and national guidance
  • Specialist nutritional assessment, advice, dietetic support for patients requiring home enteral feeding in non-acute settings
  • Specialist nutritional assessment and dietetic support e.g., for Oncology/palliative care , neurological conditions, gastro including IBD, IBS, Coeliac disease and patients with learning difficulties
  • Healthy eating programmes for obesity management
  • Specialist diabetes dietetic advice

Patients who feel they would benefit from this service should discuss this with their GP or other health care professional who will make a referral on their behalf if appropriate. The service prioritises all referrals based on clinical criteria and a waiting list system is in operation.

Refer a patient

The service is available for patients who live in the London Borough of Enfield, their GP can be in any north London borough.

GPs and health professionals can refer a patient using this form: Enfield Community Services SPA Referral Form [docx] 93KB