About our respiratory community service in Enfield

We provide assessment, advice and support to people with respiratory disease in Enfield.

A nurse consultant led service with specialist respiratory nurses, respiratory physiotherapists and respiratory technical instructor.

What we offer

  • Assessment of patients in their home or clinic and planning for their future needs in accordance with patient wishes and service guidelines, care is given according to national guidance (NICE, GOLD, BTS)
  • Professional support, advice and education to patients and their relatives to enable them to effectively manage their illness and return to their normal status wherever possible.
  • Assessment, monitoring and titration of drug therapy to optimise treatment. 
  • Liaison with the palliative care team and support for patients and relatives who require palliative care and those experiencing deterioration in their quality of life with regard to physical, psychological, social and spiritual element of care.
  • Training to health care providers for people with respiratory disease where necessary.
  • Oxygen assessment and review.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

Location of clinics

  • Forest Primary Care Centre, 308a Hertford Road, London, N9 7HD
  • Lincoln Road Medical Practice, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, EN1 1LJ
  • St Michael’s Site, Gater Drive, Enfield, EN2 0JB
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation is run at Albany Leisure Centre and Cumbria Villa Chase Farm Hospital

Refer a patient

Patients, GPs and other health professionals can refer into this service. Please see more information in this form: Respiratory service referral criteria [odt] 14KB

Who the service is for

Patients with a diagnosed respiratory condition such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, bronchiectasis and interstitial lung diseasewho are experiencing symptoms such as breathlessness, cough, difficulty expectorating sputum and the symptoms cannot be managed within GP setting.  
Patients must live in Enfield or be in the care of a GP in the borough.