About our women's ambulatory day unit (WADU)

We are a service for acute gynaecological and early pregnancy problems. We look after women less than 18 weeks of pregnancy for a variety of problems in a specially designed emergency area, including clinic rooms, scan facilities and treatment areas. We aim to give women an appointment within 24 hours of an acute presentation

Conditions we treat

  • Miscarriages/Ectopic pregnancies
  • Early pregnancy complications, including bleeding and pain
  • Acute vulval and vaginal problems
  • Acute pelvic pain/Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Recent gynae surgery with post operative complications, and follow up
  • Menorrhagia without anaemia
  • Hyperemesis Gravidarim
  • Anaemia- Iron infusions
  • Manual vacuum aspiration


How to prepare for your visit

Please note, we are not a walk-in service.

If you are visiting us for an emergency, you will normally have been via our A&E or referred from your GP. We are not appointment based, so you may have to wait if our service is busy. During the consultation, you will be asked questions about your current problem and medical history by the doctors and nurses. You may require an examination which may include an internal examination. Chaperones are available. You may need blood tests or swabs. If you require a scan or other investigations, you might need to come back another day depending on the availability.

If you are visiting us for a booked scan appointment, please note for the majority of women this will be an internal scan (transvaginal ultrasound) and a chaperone will be present. Scans are carried out by clinical nurse specialists and doctors trained in sonography.

We are able to offer same day treatment for lots of women that visit us.

One such treatment is medical management for miscarriage (using tablets to treat pregnancy loss). It is usually possible for you to go home the same day if the pregnancy was less than 12 weeks gestation. We also offer surgical treatment under general anaesthetic and manual vacuum aspiration under local anaesthetic for early pregnancy loss, but this would usually require you to come back for a separate appointment.

Hyperemesis Gravidarim (excessive pregnancy vomiting) is treated in the unit through Intravenous fluids and anti-emetics. You will be discharged home with oral medication.

Where to find us

WADU – Tower block, floor 0 (next to pathology)

02088 887 3655

Meet our team

Meet our team

Consultant team:

  • Schahrazed Rouabhi (Lead)
  • Beena Subba
  • Viswa Sivashanmugarajan

Nursing staff:

  • Emma Zarif (Matron)
  • Constance Ncube (Clinical Nurse specialist)
  • Gloria Mkumbwa-Harrison (Clinical Nurse specialist)
  • Musa Moyo (Senior Nurse)
  • Christiana Falayi (Senior Nurse)
  • Jacqueline Persaud (Nurse)
  • Darling Posadas (Nurse)