Our Target gynaecology clinics

These gynaecology clinics are for the assessment of women who have a symptom that means they may have a gynaecological cancer.

The clinics aim to assess and diagnose whether a woman has a gynaecological cancer and give them an answer within 28 days of the referral.

Conditions we treat

Common symptoms assessed are post-menopausal bleeding, an abnormal looking cervix, a lump or ulcer on the vulva, abdominal swelling/bloating and a raised Ca1-25 blood test.

If a diagnosis of cancer is made, there is usually a further detailed CT or MRI scan. Treatment, if needed, is then either offered at The North Middlesex Hospital or the patient referred to the Gynaecological Cancer Centre at University College Hospital where a wider range of specialist treatments is available

How to prepare for your visit

Please bring a supportive family member or friend if you wish. The visit may take up to three hours and may involve the following

  • Talking to a doctor,
  • Internal ultrasound scan (transvaginal ultrasound),
  • Endometrial biopsy in clinic (a “pipelle biopsy”)
  • Outpatient hysteroscopy.

Results will be communicated by letter, phone or in person dependent upon the situation

Where to find us

Gynaecology – Maternity Building

Meet the team

  • Akila Karthikeyen – Lead consultant
  • Victoria Sampson - Deputy Lead consultant
  • Alison Wonnacott
  • Schahrazed Rouabhi

Clinic Nurses:

  • Joadel Mafuta
  • Melinda Austin